How to Assess the Cost of Installing a New Steel Fence

We viewed a new steel fence as an investment. It was meant to make our property more secure and also lend an air of elegance to the overall look of the house. Above all, I wouldn’t have to spend my weekends maintaining it, as a simple hosing down would be enough to clean the fence and keep it shining brilliantly.

Steel Fence

Our major worry was would be able to afford a new steel fencing. After all, security, elegance, durability and low maintenance does not come cheap – at least that is what we thought until we came across Steel Post and Rail Pty Ltd, a manufacturer and installer of customized steel fencing.

Like us, if you are considering installing steel fencing, you have to take into account the material used, labor costs, delivery, permits and equipment. If you take these things into consideration, you will get the actual picture of the cost, on an average.

Materials Used

Steel has been a staple in the construction industry for decades. However, it is just recently it has left the confines of traditional construction works and made it to homes and business premises. We were very apprehensive, thinking steel would be more expensive than having a wooden picket fencing. To our surprise, it was cheaper to make and install a steel fencing and it was more durable, with hardly any maintenance. So, on the whole, it definitely made steel a must better alternative compared to a wooden fencing.

In addition, there were costs of caps, screws, bolts, concrete and bolts. That is why we went with a company that not only manufactured it, but also installed it. We received a good deal, as a result.

Delivery of Materials

Some companies deliver the steel fencing to your premises for free, while others expect you pay for it. There are still other companies that ask the buyer to make their own arrangements to take the fencing. All these additional costs can add to the cost of getting the fencing installed.

Labor Costs

This makes the largest chunk of the installation cost. It involves prepping up the area for the fencing and thereafter installing the fence correctly. You can save a little bit on this cost by getting rid of the existing fence on your own and then levelling the place for the new steel fence. However, we recommend going in for a reliable and trustworthy installer, as proper installation of the steel fence will save you a lot of money in the future. Make sure you get an installer who is insured, licensed and trained to do the installation.

Local Permits

Check with your local council whether you require special permits to install the fence. The neighborhood we stayed in required permits and we got them well before the installer came and began the installation, as we did not want to be slapped by heavy fines.

Installation Equipment

Fence installation is not as easy as we thought. Our new steel fence required a lot of equipment, such as post digger, measuring tools and concrete mixer. We were really pleased our installer had these equipment, so we wouldn’t have to run from pillar to post making arrangements for it.

Ancillary Costs

You have to also take into consideration certain miscellaneous costs, such as running into an underground power line or water pipe. Thankfully, we didn’t have these costs, but any sane homeowner should budget these costs, as they are a possibility while installing a new steel fence.

Steel fence installation costs on an average will vary from place to place in Australia, as it will be dependent on the style, design and length of the fence. If you have simple and basic installation, it will fall cheaper than a complicated one. Our fence was somewhere in the middle. And, our advantage was getting the same company Steel Post and Rail to manufacture and install the fencing. So, it was cheaper on the whole than first paying a manufacturer and then finding an installer to erect the fencing.

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