Advantages of Portable Buildings

Portable buildings have some real advantages when it you consider flexibility they can provide and how quickly they can be installed.

Portable Building

There are several advantages in using portable buildings, both economically and socially as the buildings are very flexible.


When it comes to the benefits of portable buildings, the clue is in the name! Portable buildings allow you to relocated dependant on your current needs. Whether you are needing to move them to a new spot on an existing site or a new site entirely, the option is there. Portable Buildings also provide a fast, affordable and easy solutions to living or working spaces. As they are constructed off site, and simply installed upon completion, the stress of building a property is taken away.

All included

Portable buildings still feature all of the amenities that you would find in a traditional stone built building. A great alternative, as once you are inside the building you’ll never know any difference, it’s genius. Plus, a portable building has all the amenities of a regular house or structure as it is fitted with electrical, plumbing facilities all ready to be connected once the building has arrived on site.

Quick to install

Portable buildings come already constructed, meaning that they can be quickly installed once they reach their intended location, saving you time and hassle. This prevents great disruption to your site and for the surrounding area.

construction site containers

Cost effective

Another benefits of having portable buildings is they are cost effective even to the ordinary person and are also becoming very popular to institutions and businesses who are looking to save on the cost of building. Portable buildings have considerable economic advantages as these kinds of buildings are constructed in factories, rather than onsite, enabling manufacturers to keep costs low.


When it comes to the uses of portable buildings, the options are vast and these kinds of buildings offer unrivalled flexibility. Indeed, from offices to classrooms, the usage options of portable buildings really are endless. The great thing is that here at Flintham Cabins, our portable cabins, offices, and buildings are also available with a range of great amenities that you’d expect from a standard building, such as insulation, and air conditioning.


Portable buildings have various uses. They could be used as stand-alone construction or as stacked up buildings with metal stairs set outside, using even less surface. Portable buildings are also used for offices, classrooms, doctor’s clinic, washrooms, toilet blocks, the list is pretty much endless.

Portable buildings can also be used for storage spaces and garages and even as commercial shops. They could also be used for temporary or even permanent residential units.


Factory made buildings go through rigorous quality controls from building regulations regarding carbon emissions. Portable buildings are seen to be more energy efficient thereby reducing energy use and also the price of bills. A portable building is a structure that is designed and built to be movable rather than located permanently making it very flexible to your needs.

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