6 Tips to Make Your Home More Inviting

Buildings and places are not only being used for commercial hubs, but also as residential spaces – where families can invite their guests for a little get together. Make your living space as inviting as possible by following these tips.

  • Set Tone in Your Entryway

Generating an initial response from your guests can be done by making sure you set the proper tone in your entryway or front door. It can be as simple as placing a floor mat that says “welcome” or a cutesy sign that you hanged to tell them “hello.” It can also be more sophisticated such as adding a big green plant at your front door’s side to immediately catch their attention.

  • Enlighten Your Place

Enlightening your living space is another way you can make it more inviting to all of your guests. After all, light is a very good accompaniment to your interior design.

Simple changes like installing a warm and lustrous chandelier or even merely opening your curtains can immediately transform a room from dreary to cheerful. Try to also install several light sources in your rooms to create an ambiance and make it seem cosier.

  • Warm Colours

Warm colours such as sapphire blues, burnt reds, and honey browns will make your rooms feel more warm and friendly. It will instantaneously make the scene with your guests more intimate and relaxed. This is especially true if you are gathering in a large space for these rooms usually make your guests feel uninvited.

As much as possible, you also want to avoid painting your rooms all white because this colour often has been associated with generic hospital waiting areas.

  • Candles

Nowadays, candles come in all shapes, sizes, and smells. Utilize them to make your place as inviting as possible. Match their looks with the rest of the room’s interior; if you desire, you could also get some scents that will ensure your guests’ long stay at your place. Also, do not shy away from lighting them because this would even make the ambiance at your place even more relaxing and intimate than it already is.

  • Good Smells

There are many ways you can create good smells over your place (aside from the candles mentioned above). Simply baking pleasant dishes such as pies, cakes, and cupcakes can instantly create a nice atmosphere in your place. You can also place some indoor plants or even a humidifier to detoxify your indoor air into fresh air.

  • Personalized Items

It is not enough for your place to look nice in a magazine’s point of view; it is also important for your place to hold your personalized items so that you can create some charm and personality to entice your guests. Go ahead and proudly display your knick knacks, souvenirs, and family pictures. These things will surely make your place more personal than generic!

In the Philippines, architectural design services are doing whatever they can in the design and the construction of various buildings. They aim to provide a place for the Filipino people to be able to relax and function at the same time.


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