6 Creative Ideas of Innovative Fencing Designs

It was the time of the year when I look for ways to improve my home and its surroundings. This year, instead of giving my house a fresh coat of paint, I decided to focus on its perimeter. I intended to change the fencing. I looked at many creative fencing designs before zeroing on custom steel fabricated fence from Steel Post and Rail.

white Fence

Here are some of the designs I came across that I found to be unique and creative.

Picket Fence

Forget those boring white wood pieces. Today, picket fences can be made from iron, vinyl and wood. A picket fence can lend your home a lovely and charming appearance, especially if the architecture makes the house look like a cottage. You can have decorative picket fences with scalloped tops or even keep the top plain and simple. I found out that picket fences can consist of tightly packed pickets or open pickets that are elevated a couple of feet from the ground.

Brick or Stone Fence

Stone is quite a versatile material, and installing a stone fence can make your home look quite unique. I really like the idea of being able to make the fence as tall as I wanted and at one point I even thought about having a stone border topped with a picket fence to give my yard a landscaped and unique appearance.

The beauty of this type of fencing is you can set it straight or curve it around flowerbeds, trees and bushes. Also, stones come in numerous colors and can be coordinated to match the exterior of your home. The only drawback I found was it is permanent fencing for the property. If you change the exterior color of your home or add to the existing structure, the fence may not look that great any longer.

Chain Link Fence

This type of fencing is quite popular in my neighborhood. I suppose people want to keep their kids and pets safe. Nonetheless, it does look quite nice, especially if you can break the monotony of the chain link by growing colorful and vibrant flowers along the fencing. This type of fence consists of galvanized or coated steel wires woven into a diamond or zig-zag pattern. While this type of fencing does not offer privacy or security, you can get the latter by installing barbs on top of the fence.

Live Fence

I am a person who loves greenery. I take great pride in landscaping and maintaining my garden. So the idea of using bushes, hedges and bamboo as fence materials appealed to me. This would have allowed me to blend my fence with the surrounding landscape without worrying about how the new fence would look. It would also have offered me privacy and helped to insulate noise. Unfortunately, I decided against it because it would have required a lot of maintenance. I was already hard-pressed for time with my current chores and tasks.

Post and Rail Fence

Just because it has a boring name does not mean post and rail fence cannot make your home look beautiful. Most people identify this type of fencing with livestock, but it can transform the look of your home. This type of fencing is extremely versatile and can easily be adjusted to the gel with the surrounding landscape.

Wooden Fence Panels

In Australia, wooden fence panels are also quite popular. You can be creative with the design and height of the fence. Above all, it is not a permanent structure like a brick or stone fence. So, you can always make changes to the fence based on your changing circumstances. Today, you can easily get many different types of treated wood panels that can withstand fluctuations in weather and temperature quite easily. And, the panels look quite elegant and chic.

I loved all these different and unique fences, but ultimately opted for Locsteel system because I was looking for ease of installation, beauty and durability. This was the only fence from Steel Post and Rail that fulfilled the three requirements I had. Trust me when I say I don’t regret my decision and I am extremely pleased and satisfied with my new fence.

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